This Is the Best Moment of Your Life

You may be surprised to hear it, but right now, no matter how you are feeling, whatever your circumstances, this very moment is the best moment of your life.  For me, this understanding began at the level of my personal self and, at some point, uncovered a timeless revelation.

I believe it was Louise Hay who taught me to approach every day as the best day of my life. She understood that whether the ego deemed it a “good” day or a “bad” day, every day could be considered the “best” day if I was willing to open my mind and not judge anything. At some point, spontaneously, I realized every moment is the best moment, when there is no interpretation.

sunset deep purple pinkIt was so liberating, empowering, and relaxing to choose to appreciate in any given moment that “this is the best moment of my life.” For the obvious moments, like watching a sunset, the beauty of the moment was enhanced. For the less obvious moments, like sickness of a loved one, a quiet strength and unexpected calm emerged in me, transforming the atmosphere with shining, unspoken, Love.

“This is the best moment of my life”* became a touchstone.  Sitting with a cat purring in my lap, listening to my lover read to me, feeling the breeze on my skin, catching the aroma of gardenias in my garden, hearing the cricket symphony after the rain – each of these “best moments” were heightened and intensified as I tuned in to their golden quality as they were happening.

And then there was the sweet sound of people who trusted me crying on my shoulder, releasing the grief and sorrow of their lives, sharing their fears, anxiety, and even panic; telling me of their despair, of the heavy depression they dragged around each day.  They gave me their loneliness, their sense of being ostracized, persecuted, abused and ignored.  Some felt invisible, disposable, insignificant.  Others hated themselves, believed they deserved punishment, were worthless.  Each of these holy encounters I deemed “the best moment of my life.”  My willingness to join with the Holy Spirit made their holiness obvious.  Eventually it was realized that the little “me” was a dream figure and not the one experiencing the “best moment.”

The Holy Spirit helps us look from above the battleground** and the view from there is exalted.  Below, in the dreaming mind, puppets seem to act out senseless roles in a drama of death and destruction, betrayal and revenge.  They believe in a fantasy that has no truth in it at all.  Seeing from above is the best moment of your life — what A Course in Miracles calls the holy instant.  And this view is always available – to all of us, as Spirit!

You can never have this moment alone, because you must be in holy relationship with Spirit in order to recognize that you are as God created you – Formlessly One with Him always.  Your True Self is simply an extension of that Formless One called God.  Claim every moment as the best moment of your life by choosing to be in holy relationship with the Holy Spirit.

The willingness to admit we know nothing, and the willingness to release all judgment, gives every moment the openness to funnel Love from Love’s Source.  Being a vessel for Love makes obvious that we are that very Love.  “Behold the great projection,” says Jesus in A Course in Miracles.  Behold it in order to release the mind from its grip.  The ego is just a tiny idea in a conscious mind that has the power to choose again.  So choose again and discover your true Self.

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* A Course in Miracles uses the term “holy instant” to describe what spontaneously came to me as “the best moment” … more on the holy instant can be found in Webinar 9: The Holy Relationship (holy instants and holy encounters).

** “The lovely light of your relationship [with the Holy Spirit] is like the Love of God.  It cannot yet assume the holy function God gave His Son, for your forgiveness of your brother is not complete as yet, and so it cannot be extended to all creation.  Each form of murder and attack that still attracts you and that you do not recognize for what it is, limits the healing and the miracles you have the power to extend to all.  Yet does the Holy Spirit understand how to increase your little gifts and make them mighty.  Also He understands how your relationship is raised above the battleground, in it no more.  This is your part; to realize that murder in any form is not your will.  The overlooking of the battleground is now your purpose.  Be lifted up, and from a higher place look down upon it.  From there will your perspective be quite different.”  (T-23.IV.4:1-7; 5:1-2)

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