What Students Say About Workin’ the Workbook:

“I have to say that I get a lot more from your words than I do from listening to Mooji or Eckhart Tolle!  You have a way of explaining the unexplainable that makes more sense to me. Your Smiling Face is in itself very Motivational!! Your Presence speaks volumes through your videos. Recently I even caught a glimpse of the feeling of being in the Now, and being more Spirit than person; one night I had gone to make tea in the kitchen and everything seemed “pleasantly neutral”, time didn’t matter, things weren’t good or bad, and common familiar objects seemed fascinating, in a low key sort of way….  : )) The Workbook IS Starting to Sink In, Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!” ~Cathy Valley, WtW student

“I have truly enjoyed working the workbook with you. It has given me the motivation and grace I needed to get back into the Course in Miracles. You are an inspiring and connected teacher. Thank you and Great Love to you.”  ~Mary Kay Raponi, carsoncityyoga.com

“Many teachers are out there. Some teach from experience. Some teach from other people’s experience (reading books and their take on meanings). Amy uses both effectively. This Course in Miracles, and all the other teachers Amy gathers, are a very interesting crew. Of all of them I’ve listened to, only Amy reached out from the facade of professionalism to show kindness in my darkest hour. It was more than I ever expected. It was personal attention. In my experience, this never happened before. This is a teacher who imitated the Master … Jesus. I trust Amy, and God, and of course, Jesus. Amy is here now … and my life has become a more trusting experience due to her caring way.” –Bob Turano, artist, gardener, mystic and WtW student.

“I think that your program is awesome. I like your journey and enthusiasm to share about it and the Course and non-dual teachings.” –Sabrina, WtW student

Previous to the above email, Bob had written me, “Since signing up for Workin’ the Workbook, things are going great! I’m having awesome energy releases from child traumas…..lots of birth stuff from forceps birth to bully encounters. Bad dreams are gone…..intestinal distress is gone….instead of being old I’m new……at last!” Then came a housing crisis, followed by prayer and then, within one week, a breakthrough. Bob is now in a beautiful living situation, after which he wrote me what you read. Many thanks to you, Bob, for entering into holy partnership so Spirit could work through us (and thanks to Bill Free, who joined us in prayer and communicated pure Faith to Bob, as well).

“Hello Amy (Junkyo), How wonderful to hear from you and how wonderful to see you in person in NYC! You are indeed my Junkyo so you can imagine the pride and joy I felt seeing you host this incredible film…am still walking around with the vivid impressions of the event.” –Julio Espada, artist, NYC on Amy’s appearance at CRS with founder Yasuko Kasaki:

“Just wanted to tell you it’s been great to do my daily lesson with you. Your explanation clears up a lot of things and I love the communion.” –SS, WtW student, Miami

“I am so much enjoying your teaching.  I think that this is my fifth time through the WB and, boy, is it becoming illuminated!”  –Roger Beech, Australia, WtW student

“Thank you so much for all that you do for us.  You make the lessons so clear.  For so long I avoided the Course, though I had been drawn to it for years.  I bought the Course and gave it away several times but, just about the time I bought it last, I came across you and things fell together.  For those who would really like an in-depth understanding of the course….Amy Torres can take you there…..and then some! Thank you.  Peace.”  –Scott McClintic, WtW student

“Thank you so much for the year of guidance and support! I have 63 lessons to go and am thankful for your backlog of lessons to keep me company. I can’t even remember why or how I first decided to buy the “Blue Book”, but I knew immediately that it contained truth I had to have (remember?). Soon enough I also realized I needed a little help and that led me to you. For the moments I felt “raw”, unbalanced, not “tuned in” , etc….along came your amazingly timed reassurances and insights. I’m so glad to have found ACIM and you!” –Whitni Funsinn, WtW student

“Amy, today it felt like your explaining the lessons is like going to the eye doctor.  They put numerous lenses in front of your eyes until you can see clearly.  That is what you are doing for me.  You teach with such clarity.  I do the workbook lesson everyday with you with my morning coffee. I am very greatful to you for sharing your understanding.  I have been through the workbook many times on my own and it has definitely taken on a new dimension sharing it with you.  Thank you.”  –Monica Carradori, New Jersey, WtW student

“Thank you for this beautiful offering. I have enjoyed your words of wisdom. With Love & Gratitude.” ~DF, WtW student

“When I listen to you, Amy, I am in touch with gentle humor and lightness along with a commitment to the practices of the Workbook.  You are like a deep pool of fresh water.  Thank you for sharing your light. You are a projection that is very lovable!” –Marcia Pinneau, WtW student

“Amy, I am just loving your online WtW class. When you make connections with the text it illuminates my understanding of the workbook lessons. Your warm, natural presence is calming and inspiring. Your availability to answer email questions personally, and your interaction with us in the WtW Facebook group shows how much you care about each of your students. I can truly say that the Course is coming alive inside me. I see positive changes in my relationships and my faith is growing in leaps and bounds. And it’s so fun that your cats Gatita and Smudges have cameo appearances. Thank you!” –Harper Wood, NY, WtW student

“WtW has been a real blessing and your teachings are much more than I could have ever imagined. You are very clear in explaining the Course — there’s no room for misinterpretation. Your real life examples of your experiences of going through the Course also help me tremendously. By the way, I love your website. It’s done simply and tastefully and it is extremely easy to navigate. (I’m a designer, so I’m a stickler for this sort of thing!)” –N. Silva, WtW student

“If you study with Amy, you are in good hands.  She is totally dialed into her calling.” –J. Ellen, WtW student

“Joining Workin’ the Workbook with Amy was the best thing I did for myself in 2013!” – Jack Hrabak, IL, WtW student

“Your videos are way better than doing the lessons alone. I love the online class and knowing I can access the info anytime 24/7.” – Julie, MA, WtW student

“Your Workin’ the Workbook videos take the difficulty out of the lessons in a way that is truly helpful! I do the videos on my phone, iPad, computer, and Kindle. And the WtW Facebook support group is the best use of Facebook in its history.” – Morgan, NY, WtW student

“I wanted to let you know that I am loving the Workin’ the Workbook program. It’s my third time through and I am benefitting more than ever because of your classes.” – Jenn, Chicago, WtW student

“Amy, I want you to know that in addition to your excellent research of Course passages that relate to certain lessons, as well as insight on the lessons themselves, the viewer also receives such wonderful non-verbals from every aspect of you.  And they all communicate peace, joy and love.  You can be deeply concentrating on reading something to us, and the non-verbals are paving the way for us to be receptive.  They tell us, ‘It’s all right to let your guard down and be open.  There is nothing to fear.’  It tells us our teacher has done the work, and we sense the fruits of your labor as the Holy Spirit comes through you so beautifully and smoothly.  Thank you!”  –Rick Bryant, musician, WtW student

“I’m in quite a few ACIM groups. For me, Workin’ the Workbook is the gentlest, most fun-loving, soul-searching, and caring one of them all. A place to say exactly how I’m feeling, without a sense of attack from others. That’s huge for me. What a gift this group and all its treasures hold out to me on a daily basis. Thank you, Amy!” –Lynne L., Canada, WtW student

“I love it when you take the Lesson paragraph by paragraph, and mention additional readings we can do on our own, or especially posting these extra readings in the classroom. I can’t believe it, but the depressed me has turned into the happy me!  By now, I feel so mellow and trusting with you, Amy, it really doesn’t matter anymore what you do! –Genie Reisdorf, WtW student in 7th month of program

“I want to share a miracle: I listened to a colleague vent about one of her workers who is displaying some passive aggressive behavior that is totally unprofessional. Grumple, gripe, etc. Because of WtW and your coaching, I listened and had the presence of mind to ask the Holy Spirit how to respond. I didn’t want to participate in this “bash Tom” session. In the end, I had something valuable to say that (1) didn’t condemn anyone, and (2) provided support to my colleague without correcting her. ACIM WORKS! I had peace yesterday morning. From the look on my colleague’s face, she seemed to get something out of my comments. Although she did tease me by saying, ‘I’m sending him into talk to you next time!’ Amy, thank you for your class and your support!” –WtW Student

What People Say About Sessions with Amy:

“I love you Amy. Our 15 minute conversation changed my life. You helped me remember who I am. Thank you for being a miracle worker. You truly are the light of the world. Forever grateful.” –Sherri M.

“I completely enjoyed our conversation and came home afterwards and spoke lovingly and firmly with my mother. We broke through barriers, smashed walls, got honest, cried and held each other. Miraculous! You are a healer. Thank you, Amy!” –Stephanie Miller, Wichita, KS

“You really helped me see all my life in a new love-based perspective. I am ever so grateful.  I feel my shell has finally been cracked and I am free to live in peace. Thank you so much, Amy. Love and blessings.” –Marjo-Kaisu, Finland

“Amy, when we finished our session Monday night, I felt like I was placed out of the time I was in. Yesterday I woke & my energy was different? Bless you & I will keep practicing!!” With Love,
Angela DiMarzo, NJ

“Amy, I wanted to thank you so much!  A couple months ago I had a session with you in conjunction with an online class I was taking with you.  I had been having issues with energies in my house.  You reassured me and turned me onto some processes by Babaji to clear and close my aura.  I have been doing that routinely and these issues have greatly subsided along with the fear.  For 3 yrs I have getting NASA tests done with my chiropractor and he was concerned bec ause my fight or flight responses were chronically in the dangerous zone for my health.  Last week I had another of these tests:  TOTALLY NORMAL!   I think this classifies as a miracle!  Thought you’d like to hear.”  –Jane Huelsmann, Missouri
“I had quite a shift after our last session. I was quite upset still at the end, but I chanted [the abundance chant you gave me] all the way to work and I felt a lot more at peace but still a little low. But when I got to work, my colleague (and friend) was showing me something silly and we were laughing so hard. And I later realised how I was very in ego, and resistant and just wanting an answer of what to do. It was really freeing to realise. And then the following day I starting chanting the abundance chant periodically and out of nowhere. I feel really connected to it, and have started doing it daily, just because I like it, not necessarily for an outcome (although sometimes my mind slips into wanting an outcome). And then the following day after I started the Lakshmi chant I realised that I had an oversight about my pay and realised i totally forgot that I still have one more pay from the job i just finished and have quite a bit extra cash than I was expecting. Yay!!!
I had got out of my head and just allowed. And then I had a really nice last 2 days at work, and a shift in perspective about the work I do. And realised how lucky I am. So, I feel I am ready to commit to continuing to generate that gratitude in this job whilst I also focus on giving my direction over to the Holy Spirit. And I no longer feel like my new life direction has to happen immediately. I am open to it taking some time and have decided to stay where I am living for maybe a year or so, to just allow myself to be in one place and focus on this, instead of focussing on ‘where am I going next, will I have enough money, got to get another job etc etc.” With love and gratitude, N
“After 10 days of intensive and successful work, I came to Amy with a solid block of tension in my neck and shoulders. She guided me to go within and in only five minutes, not only did I experience a physical release (from a jack hammer pounding sensation to a pebble dropping into water and creating gentle ripples of relief through my neck and shoulder) but I also, quite unexpectedly, had an emotional release. I teared up and felt myself re-calibrate. It was as if in those five short minutes, I was able to integrate the 10 days of intensive work, release the stress of it and feel the joy of it flood my system. It was nothing short of amazing! Even though we were working via video conferencing, I felt Amy’s “touch.” Her guidance revealed to me that I could process and integrate tension which, otherwise, I would have put up with for as long as it took to subside.” ~Lizzie Merritt

“Amy guides us gently until we reach the Holy Spirit’s guidance. What a teacher!”  –Jack Hrabak, retired, Springfield, IL 

“I’ve yet to have a counselor, and I’ve had several, who has been as truly helpful as you.”  –MN, film editor

“Working with you is training in not thinking!” –WP, Chicago

“Thanks for being a teacher of the course, you are my answered prayer :)” –ACIM student, Canada

“I told my friends and family how you helped me shrink my tumor to two-thirds of the original size by accessing thoughts held in my body. And over the phone!!!  You really are amazing, Amy.” –BC, artist

“Words from my heart:  I worked with Amy years ago. I believe I was just 40 at the time.  I was struggling with issues in my life that I was carrying with me like a heavy weight on my heart, and these were things I wasn’t able to resolve on my own.  A friend of mine suggested I go and just talk with Amy.  It was the best thing I could have ever done.
I was scared and reluctant to open up old wounds that I thought I had dealt with, but after my first session with Amy and tons of tissues later from crying, I knew my journey was just beginning but I also knew there was a light at the end of my emotional tunnel.
We worked session by session, minute by minute, making strides at what I call my Emotional Freedom Journey.  While working with Amy, she led me on a path to realize that the things I was dealing with were real, and hurtful, and that it was ok to feel how I felt and it was neither right or wrong to feel how I felt.  She helped me come to my own realizations that not every day would be amazing at that point in time, and to allow myself to heal, cry, and just be.  She taught me how to be kind to myself, to love myself first, and to understand that the people in my life were put there for a reason, may they be great or not so great, and to forgive not only myself, but others, for any wrong that went on in my life.  Her words, and just her way of explaining and teaching me were kind, and gentle and made me feel safe every time we spoke.
She had the knowledge, the wisdom, and the kindness to understand me, not judge me and to allow me to just let it all hang out at every single session and to talk about whatever I needed to talk about.  She listened with an understanding ear and made me realize that what I was dealing with was NOT SO OUT of the ordinary, and that the decisions I was making as an adult were being dictated by the emotional baggage I was carrying with me thru my years.  Thru our work together, She taught me that we all hold our own answers.  She never once told me what to do, but only guided me in the right direction at discovering that I was going to be alright in my life.
Today at 50, I look at my life and I can say that everything I learned from Amy I still carry with me.  There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t use the tools and the wisdom that she taught me about being the best me that I could be.  I am forever grateful to have had this amazing teacher in my life!  You helped me more than you will every know!  Thank you Amy…..thank you!” –Debra Toscano, Singer/Actress

“Every time we speak, there is a deepening along with a heart-felt gratitude. Your guidance and support make this coming-to-realization possible. Thank you, Amy.” –LK, New York

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  My direct phone session with you was exactly what I needed.  You are a wonderful mix of everything that I aspire to in my own problem-solving life.  You are spiritual, open, funny, firm, outspoken and uplifting.  Who knows how long it would have taken me to get to where I am if I did not find your support!” –Alexandra N., NYC

“I just wanted to thank you so much for giving me the unconditional love and knowledge to trust myself and God!  You have helped me so much!!!!  You are the reason I am able to trust life and GOD and myself 😉  Love you!!!!” –Patti Reed, Intuitive Movement

“Thank you for your love, guidance and support.  You are an inspiration to us all.”  –LB, psychologist

“When you’ve tried everything else and questions still abound, Amy inspires courage beyond what this world can offer. Amy’s guidance produces results which are comforting, attainable, full of LOVE and LIGHT with clear, elegant objectives to live by. I highly recommend her as a spiritual counselor and teacher.”  –Lisa von Weise, Fashion Stylist

“You teach me to treasure myself. Thank you, Amy.” –MM, Atlanta, GA

“I can undoubtedly say that I would not be in the place I am at this moment without your love, patience, wisdom, non-judgment, humor and empathy.  You have been one of the most important teachers in my life.  In the beginning of our work together, I kept having images of an outer shell shattering off my skin, revealing a brilliantly colored under-self.  Thank you for being my ‘healing angel’.”   –Aimee P, artist, Italy

“The deep emotional and spiritual work I have done with you over the past eight months or so has brought me back in touch with the Self I thought I had lost. I see the world with new eyes, and life is a miracle to me now, a gift. In the midst of life’s inevitable challenges, or when the harsh voices from my past resurface, your voice, Amy, reminds me to trust my own inner wisdom, trust that we are all here together for a purpose.”  –Robin S., college professor

“I bought A Course in Miracles years ago, but was unable to digest it on my own. Amy, your counsel has deepened my beliefs and your class has further exposed me to others who are on a path of awareness, as I am. My relationship with you is like a stone dropped in the water … it continues to ripple out in the most positive and unexpected ways, that I could not have dreamed for myself two years ago.”  –Jayne, NYC

“I can’t resist telling people how helpful it is doing the Course with you.  There are people out there who really want this kind of support and must know about you. You’re an amazing teacher. Thank YOU!” –WtW Student

“Amy supported me through the most difficult time of my life–I came to her newly separated at the end of a 15-year marriage. She calmly led me through the dark waters of despair, patiently awaiting my rebirth with steadfast assuredness and a gentle, open heart. Her faith strengthened me with an entirely new way of looking at love, life and my place in the world. The shift was seismic, yet gentle, like being awoken from a bad dream. I am honestly happier than I’ve ever been, knowing LOVE for the very first time, in a healthy, balanced relationship and engaged to be married this year.”  –VW, writer/blogger

“I was fortunate to find Amy Torres at a time when I felt stuck in my career and unsure of the road my personal life was taking. I felt I had no direction and I didn’t feel capable of making clear decisions. Most of all, I needed someone I could trust. With Amy’s support and through our work together, I discovered many things about myself. The most important thing was that I discovered my self-confidence. This discovery has allowed me to make many life changing decisions. I relocated, changed careers, got married and I am happy. I would strongly recommend Amy as a coach and counselor to anyone trying to make a life change.”  –JZ, radio networker

“Thank you, Amy. Your threads of wisdom and support are woven into the tapestry of this studio.  From my whole heart I am so grateful for your presence in my life.  Om shanti shanti shanti.”   –EL, yoga studio owner

“I was immediately taken with Amy’s interest in my well being, not my ‘problems’ or ‘issues.’  I had been living in fear, shame and lack.  I started to live in faith, connection and trust.  I look forward to my future now, instead of dreading it like I used to.”  –JN, athlete

What People Say About Amy’s Classes  and Satsang with Amy:

“Amy’s class is a big hug. In the loving environment she creates, I rise to my Higher Self.” –Victoria Weill, Artist

“In a loving, non-judgmental and gentle manner, Amy is able to steer those off Course back to Truth.” –Steve Rosenbloom, longtime ACIM student

“I love your approach of diving in to what seems the most difficult, only to find it is total blessing. All blessings to you.”  –kironJ, Miracle Network UK

“…the experience I had in your class was unique and holy. Although I do not remember the specific content of the presentation, I cannot stop thinking about that beautiful place I went during your conference. I have had many very real experiences in my prior meditations, but the place which you took me was very special. Thank you for being such a beautiful being and for opening the door to my truth. I must confess that writing this e-mail gives me a great feeling, as if I am writing to my brother Jesus, but I feel that there is no difference. You are special, you are unique.  Thank you for your beautiful light and love.” –Reynaldo Rodriguez, ACIM 2016 Las Vegas conference attendee

“Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy and benefit from your study group .. it’s like the scales are falling off my eyes … it never fails to lift me up no matter what else has been going on during the day.”  –John Lucas, Artist & Art Gallery Owner

“Your class is one of the important, life-changing events of my life right now. Though I am quite young and still desire many tangible things in this world, I wish for my life to be full of soulfulness and spirituality, including the people with whom I share my life. Your teaching of the Course is a gift–it supports me in finding truth and meaning on my path. You are wonderful.”  –Lauren Becker, Psychologist

“I wanted to share something that impacted me from your class. You mentioned; “I’m not interested in seeing the body/form, I’m interested in seeing what’s beyond the smile.”  For so long I have practiced being “willing to overlook what is not there,” but did not always find this tool helpful.  Being interested in one’s light and losing interest in one’s form on the other hand is very helpful to me!  Just in the last couple of days I have easily switched from being nervous around bodies (which is still often the case for me) and invested in seeking for the light in them—which surfaces with a smile or kind gesture that builds instant confidence in me.  So thank you for offering these tools to so many of us.  You continue to inspire and I am so grateful for your devotion to God.” ~Brad Oliphant, Lessons in Love from A Course in Miracles

“I have been on various ‘spiritual’ journeys over the past many years. I have found comfort and inspiration in most, yet, something always seemed to be missing…. Then I found ACIM (or, more accurately, it found me) and it felt as though I was home. Then, I stumbled upon Amy’s group and what a blessing that was! Amy was so welcoming, loving and safe–she really helped me make more sense of ACIM, while not projecting any of her own issues onto the group. She is a Teacher of God. Thank you for sharing all your vast knowledge with us, Amy. She makes ‘Constant Vigilance’ fun!!!!”  –Regina O’Malley, Teacher

“I like the way everyone gets a chance to read from ACIM and they start to express things they know about it and we learn about their life stories and how they have applied the Course. I always feel drawn to your class, and I’m very comfortable there. I wonder what it does for me, but I always end up wanting to come back. There’s something about it that makes me relax. And I like you teaching bare-footed, professionally.”  –Bill Ryan, Tractor Trailer Driver

“From the first day I attended class I knew I was in the right place. Amy provides a warm and safe space for everyone to both learn and express themselves freely. The discussions are fun while also stimulating. I always look forward to attending and am benefitting greatly from this experience. What a blessing. Thank you Amy!!” –Diana Chacon, Psychologist

“Amy’s understanding and teaching of the Course has been instrumental in my spiritual growth. Her approach is clear and specific. She has an innate ability to be gentle and loving throughout the challenging process of examining one’s deeply rooted belief system. I strongly recommend her class for those that are driven by the search for the Truth.”  –Jenny S.

“Last night I thought you did a fabulous job leading the circle. I really saw you in action … what I saw was the way you allow people to think the Course through while holding the line with the Course, lovingly. I’m very thankful for your presence in my life.” –Barbara B.

What Viewers Say About Amy’s YouTube Videos:

“That was so beautiful, Amy. You truly shine. Thank you for sharing such authentic clarity and inspiring insight. I really heard Spirit speaking through you and it touched me deeply. My sense of peace expanded as I watched and I can’t stop smiling!”  –Stephen Smith on Webinar 12: The Happy Dream

“I have been using your free YouTube video readings. I just had to let you know how much I love you and connect with you my sister. I had a profound moment of bliss listening to you read work book lesson 183.  Thank you so much.” –SE, ACIM Student

“I just watched the Five Keys to Forgiveness.  Whoa !!!  I don’t think I will ever be the same again.  That is a good thing.  A Marvelous and Miraculous thing.    Thank you”  –Monica Carradori, New Jersey

Thunderbolts of Truth is the BEST!!! Course in Miracles Mooji interview ever recorded. So very complete and leaving no important questions un-answered… Nicely done Amy Torres!” –ACIM and Mooji devotee

“Beloved Master, A great interview and direct pointing. Thank you for this. <3” –Bill (Rishi) Free, www.teachersofgod.org

“Amy, this is one of the most complete interviews I’ve ever heard with Mooji. While I’m not what anyONE would consider a focused ACIM “student,” I’ve enough understanding of it to have followed the path of your guided questions through the Course lens. But, I also recognized, as the “conversation” proceeded, that this is meant for all to hear, regardless of system, or religion (or none), or grade of “spirituality.” Mooji is the clearest I’ve yet heard him, the most easily absorbed with every next, next and next you gave him. Something very special happened in this hour plus. The love alone is enough reason to watch/listen and his final prayer a gift to the world. Thank you so much for opening your heart to this happening. I will visit it again, perhaps many times. Much and gratitude.” –Ardith Oakes, Connecticut, USA

“Amy, wanted you to know that I was deeply touched by your sweet, sweet interview with Mooji.  I am listening.  Thank you so much for YOUR JOURNEY because it is most certainly positively impacting mine.” –With great respect and love, Diane Marie, Florida, USA

“In the depths of despair I begged Jesus to ‘show me my teacher.’  When I came back to the computer there you were!  I ignored you at first because I never heard of you. But Jesus encouraged me to listen to “Five Keys to Forgiveness” and then the Webinar on “Special Relationships” and I was completely captivated.  God bless you.” –Jamaica

“Amy, you have accompanied me with your YouTube videos when I did my first round workbook lessons.  Your smiles and loving voice and certainty has given me great support along the way!  Thank you with all my heart.”  –Vistara, Germany

“I love listening to you, your voice is soft and gentle, I listen to you all night as a comforter. Thank you.” –IW, Australia

“Your videos are a welcome breath of fresh air, from someone who’s been in the trenches.  That gives you high credibility, especially to those of us who are still wrestling with the ego.  I want to float above the battleground more often.”  –RB

“This is a brilliant presentation of the Course’s messages, consolidated in a logical clear way. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” –Kallie Marino on Five Keys to Forgiveness

“Really enjoyed the videos, helps me reconnect to the present. I hope you keep them up. They also help clarify some things I feel a little confused about. Very lovely. Your work is truly helpful. Good job!”  –Graham Jarman

“I am finding your delivery style and insight very helpful. Thank you very much for taking the effort to produce/post them. I look forward to viewing many more.”  –Joe Voyager

“That was super interesting. I am going to practice tonight.”  –Maureen Muldoon on A Course in Miracles Barefoot

“Fabulous discussion. …  Having been unwell for an extended period over the last 2 plus years, I can certainly identify with the heaviness of the body and at one point about 15 months ago, was perfectly OK with death.  A Course in Miracles is making much more sense now.  Thank you for the wonderful interview.”  –Leslie Kasza on A Happy Conversation about Death with Jon Mundy

“Amy thanks for this. It really makes the Course a bit more digestible. These types of videos are helpful as I’m always looking for supplementary information to help understand ACIM.”  –Britt on Metaphysics of A Course in Miracles

“I watched Amy’s interview with Mooji on you tube, and it brought me so much peace to see a course in Miracles teacher and student having such a pure conversation with Mooji, since I was truly struggling with guilt and ego confusion, feeling that I had to choose between ACIM or Mooji and a lot other fears and confusions , Amy was gracious enough to have a Skype date with me, and talk to me. Talking to her gave me confidence and peace and a  feeling of there is people out there who get me and have gone through this themselves. Thank you Amy!!” –Stephanie, Miami, FL

What Colleagues Say:
“Amy Torres is one of the brightest, most dedicated and devoted ACIM student/teachers I know. She sees the profound depth of the Course and doesn’t hesitate to plunge into an exploration of that depth and to return to share with us all the gems she finds there.”  –Jon Mundy, Ph.D., publisher of Miracles magazine, author, minister

“Amy is a sincere and clear teacher of A Course In Miracles. Her videos of the Workbook lessons of ACIM help and inspire many students, and her commentary is uplifting. She is a miracle worker, always ready to radiate the Love and Light of God.” –David Hoffmeister, ACIM teacher, mystic, global traveler and speaker

“Amy is Spirit-driven as a passionate teacher of Light, reaching all who call for love.”  –David Fishman, Co-founder, www.acimgather.org

“It’s indeed a pleasure to call Amy a friend and colleague, and to have had the opportunity to work with her in our respective ACIM ministries. Amy is truly a sincere and knowledgeable teacher of the Course and her enthusiasm for her work is outstanding. I am also happy to have been able to support Amy in her “The Unlearning Classroom” teaching series which I’ve been honored to sponsor on my ACIM Website.” –James White, Jr., President, Love Communications

“Amy Torres is a lively, passionate teacher who fully understands the non-dual nature of true Reality, yet is able to bridge the gap between ultimate Truth and daily tasks.  Amy teaches in a clear, refreshing style, using simple analogies that anyone can grasp. Most importantly, she walks her talk, inspiring others with her example.”  –Rev. Lorri Coburn, author of Breaking Free: How Forgiveness and A Course in Miracles Can Set You Free

“Amy Torres has a wealth of knowledge as a Gestalt psychotherapist and from all of her experiences as A Course in Miracles [ACIM] student since 1997. She uses that knowledge skillfully in aiding other students to learn to apply the principles in ACIM. CIMS is proud to have featured one of Amy Torres’ articles in our MARCH 2011 Newsletter titled: The Yoga of A Course in Miracles.”  –Rev. Reja Janaki Joy Green, CIMS

“In the years that I’ve known Amy, I’ve been impressed by her vast knowledge and insights into life.  In my own practice, I have referred countless patients to her and they have always received help above and beyond their expectations.  Amy is clear-thinking and precise and I greatly value her judgment.”  –Caroline Konnoth, BS PT, Owner, MyHealingDynamics.com

What Readers Say About Sweet Dreams of Awakening and Ask Amy:

“I hope you have my name down as a pre-order 🙂  I recall with fondness how I looked forward to grabbing my smart phone to check for the sweet message to tuck myself in for the night during your pilot year of your program. Your words meant so much to me, and provided me a sense of ahhhhhhh!  No matter how the day was, it ended with ‘ahhhhhhh! All is well.'” –Martine Imon, New Hampshire

“These warm blessings put the mind at peace and invite loving stillness as you fall asleep each night.” –Corinne Zupko, MiracleShare.org

“They are like tiny mystery schools, unlocking spiritual wisdom and inviting the mind to be receptive to enlightenment.” –Jon Mundy, Miracles magazine

“Reading these blessings before bed is a beautiful way to purify your soul at the end of each day.” –Maureen Muldoon, Miracles365

“I am grateful for having read Gary Renard, Marianne Williamson, Ken Wapnick, and most especially Jon Mundy and your articles, Amy. Grateful for the peace that has come into my life upon contact with all the above and more. ” –Love from Meg