Sweet Dreams of Awakening

Sweet Dreams of Awakening is a book of 365 good night blessings inspired by A Course in Miracles.  This book tenderly tucks you in each night, uses your sleep for spiritual awakening, soothes and strengthens you, and corresponds to all of the ACIM workbook lessons.

Written by Amy Torres, illustrated by Harper Wood, and with a Foreword by Gary Renard, it is meant to comfort and enlighten.  Perfect for holiday gift-giving.  Available now at amazon.com and as an e-book on Kindle. 

You may enjoy a conversation I had with Corinne Zupko (see video below), all about Awakening. Most people think A Course in Miracles is about forgiveness, and, hopefully, miracles. But the Course is actually about Awakening.

What is Awakening? How can you tell if you’re Awakening? Is Awakening supposed to be endlessly blissful? What does it feel like in your body? Or is it only a Mind thing? Join Corinne Zupko and Amy Torres as they dive into these questions and explore quotes from A Course in Miracles on Awakening.

If you’re serious about discovering who and what you truly are, this is an absolutely necessary conversation. This webinar was offered with love in honor of Corinne’s forthcoming book, “From Anxiety to Love” (New World Library, 2018), and we were thrilled to give away a free copy of the NEW second edition of Amy’s book, Sweet Dreams of Awakening.