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If you find these words inspiring, please accept them as a gift that comes from the One Spirit we are, through me for you … and feel free to share.

human or Being magnet

“I thought I was human but now I know I am Being.  So are you.”

“Find the origin of your smile and you will find your Self.”

“Look yourself in the I and happily watch the person die.”

“There is nobody to duel in non-dualism.”

“If you want to be a good person, you must realize you are not a person.”

“That which lives in the body is that which the body lives within.”

“Through self-inquiry, by process of elimination, you eliminate yourself.”

“Life is fair. It is the ego dream of ‘life’ that is unfair.”

“The more the body is embodied, the less the body is believed in.”

“The body is a demonstration of unconscious thought — when we work consciously with the body to look at the beliefs it holds, the belief in ego can be entirely undone.”

“Time is arising within the Timeless Now.”

“Smelling a rose is like having an orgasm with your nose.”

“I would rather admire you than envy you. It’s the empowered choice every time.”

“Your body is thinning away like the heel of a threadbare sock.”

“The little person called Amy that I take myself to be is arising within the Awareness that I am.”

“You are not a realist unless you are an idealist.”

“Give love like a dog; receive love like a cat.”

“God is an All-Knowing Un-Knowing that Knows Itself Perfectly.”

“Discovering God is re-birthing the Unborn.”

“What is seeing what is real is what?”

“The Holy Spirit is not shining brighter — you are drawing nearer.”

“When you unravel a knot, what is left where the knot was? … Unravel the person you think you are and discover What you really are. I call this unravelization.”

“The ego mind is a weapon of mass distraction. Distraction is destruction when it comes to peace of mind.”

“The body is a repository for unconscious thought.”

“There is no need to distrust others when you trust your Self.”

“Don’t be the seeker. Be the Seer.”

“The ego would rather have us feel terror than uncover its error.”

“Unravelization: the unraveling of the personal self, concluding with the spontaneous Realization of the Wordless.”

“Talk to God and He will Listen.  Talk with God and He will Answer.”

prayer feet“What you are praying for is what you already are.”

“Greatitude leads to beatitude.”

“In my defensiveness, the ego lies.”

“Whatever is happening, right now, let it be the best moment of your life.”

“Don’t make a resolution, just surrender… ”

“You are a figment of your own imagination.”

“Your smile is not your lips, your mouth, your teeth, your jaw … your smile is the Light inside you.”

“Your smile is spontaneous proof of a miracle rippling through you.”

“Death is just a belief.”

“You don’t have to practice detachment if you practice embodiment, because detachment will happen naturally. And vice versa.”

“There is no need for morality when you have Integrity.”

“When you plug your will into God’s Will, the dream flatlines and Reality Shines.”

“When the person gets the attention she needs, the need for personal attention dissolves.”

“Stop me-ing and allow Being.”

“Intellectual understanding is not bad. It is the first gulp, but it is necessary to digest after swallowing.”

“If you want to be a good person, you must realize you are not a person.”

“When one awakens, it is realized that all are awake.”

Stillness Is 7-19-15“Stillness is the most beautiful sound never to be heard.”

“A place with no name, where time stands still, no questions asked.”

“Thoughts are the organizing principle with which the ego holds itself together.”

“For me, there is only The Message and any disharmony within the greater Harmony is still part of Harmony.”

“The one who fears annihiliation is the one who does not exist.”

“The Holy Spirit undoes undue fear.”

“We are more a What than a Who.  Let go of being somebody and discover no body.”

“Riffing with your Self is a One Note harmony.”

“Discover you are a Smile without a face.”

“Good things expire or can be discontinued. Perfection has no end date.”

Aum picture quote“Aum is the bridge back Home.”

“Sometimes giving up is the most powerful thing you can do.”

“Everything is taking care of Itself.  Such is the nature of Life.”

“The one who fears annihiliation is the one who does not exist.”

“The body is congealed thought.”

“Body health is not a measurement of spiritual unfolding.”

“I know nothing for I am No Thing.”

“A sweetness is entering into you, the likes of which you have never known before.”

When asked by a psychotherapy client, “Amy, how did you know when you were healthy?” I had to stop and ask Spirit for help!  In my own opinion at that time (1999), I was not healthy, and I kept sharing my doubts with my supervisors. Jesus came to my rescue and clearly said, “When you were not ashamed of feeling ashamed anymore.”

Another time, a client was upset because she arrived quite late for her session and only had 20 minutes left.  Again, I asked for help, and the words came, “Therapy time is concentrated time. Like concentrated orange juice. It’s very potent and super healing.  A little bit can go a long way.  We can accomplish in 20 minutes what would have taken 45 or 60. Not only that, during the week, between now and your next session, you will find that time is malleable and can manipulated and elongated and stretched or compressed depending on what you need in any given situation.  The work we do now will remain alive and present for you throughout your week.”  She was reassured and had a rich session. I then forgot all about this Message — until she came in the next week and excitedly reported to me that, indeed!, time was malleable and she had used this truth all week long 🙂



Abide in your smile

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