No One is Turned Away
Due to Lack of Funds


“One rule should always be observed: No one should be turned away because he cannot pay.  No one is sent by accident to anyone.  Relationships are always purposeful. Whatever their purpose may have been before the Holy Spirit entered them, they are always His potential temple; the resting place of Christ and home of God Himself.  Whoever comes has been sent.  Perhaps he was sent to give his brother the money he needed. Both will be blessed thereby.  Perhaps he was sent to teach the therapist how much he needs forgiveness, and how valueless is money in comparison.  Again will both be blessed. Only in terms of cost could one have more.  In sharing, everyone must gain a blessing without cost.” -P-3.III.6:1-11

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Amy is in need of all kinds of helpers to assist in almost every aspect of her business.
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Exchange of services is available. If you would like to “pay” for Amy’s products with some kind of barter rather than with money, contact her at to discuss.