W-32: I have invented the world I see.

Commentary (full lesson beneath commentary)

Jesus says that I am the inventor of the world I see.  He is not speaking to me, Amy.  Amy is just a fragment of the one ego mind.  Ego does not listen to what Jesus has to say.  Ego sticks its fingers in its ears and says, “I don’t hear you!  I don’t hear you!”

Jesus is addressing all of us as One Brother, that is, Christ-consciousness, the Sonship, Pure Awareness.  Jesus is explaining that ego is an image-maker.

The outer world is a visual-figment of “my” imagination.  The inner world is a thought-figment of “my” imagination.  Who does this “my” belong to?  The one ego mind.  Who does the one ego mind belong to?  Christ-consciousness.  Who does Christ-consciousness belong to?  God.

The ego is a mad scientist mixing concoctions of guilt, fear and death; of past and future; of images and form.  Ego causes separation and the effect is separation.  God causes Love and the effect is Love.  Cause and effect are the same, but the ego makes them seem different.

Jesus tells us to apply the idea for today to any situation that may distress, such as, “I have invented this upset stomach as I see it.  I have invented these despotic murders throughout the world as I see them.  I have invented my longing to rescue that stray dog as I see it.”   As I practice, something zooms out and I see that there is no stomach to hurt, there is no political tragedy, and there is no dog to stray.  Light shines forms away …

It becomes clear that there is a sense of “me” drawing pictures that “I” get sucked into and forget were drawn by “me.”  All pain melts away and is replaced by pure faith.

Then come the oscillations between pure faith and the heavy ego-gravity pull of compulsively reviewing the past and projecting into the future … the vise of ego identity insisting on its own existence although there is nothing between its jaws.

This is only to be expected as sleep melts away and the spiritual eye of the Soul blinks open.  Do not be concerned with the final turns of the ceiling fan after the power has been cut off.


I have invented the world I see.

Today we are continuing to develop the theme of cause and effect.  You are not the victim of the world you see because you invented it.  You can give it up as easily as you made it up.  You will see it or not see it, as you wish.  While you want it you will see it; when you no longer want it, it will not be there for you to see.

The idea for today, like the preceding ones, applies to your inner and outer worlds, which are actually the same.  However, since you see them as different, the practice periods for today will again include two phases, one involving the world you see outside you, and the other the world you see in your mind.  In today’s exercises, try to introduce the thought that both are in your own imagination.

Again we will begin the practice periods for the morning and evening by repeating the idea for today two or three times while looking around at the world you see as outside yourself.  Then close your eyes and look around your inner world.  Try to treat them both as equally as possible.   Repeat the idea for today unhurriedly as often as you wish, as you watch the images your imagination presents to your awareness.

For the two longer practice periods three to five minutes are recommended, with not less than three required.  More than five can be utilized, if you find the exercise restful.  To facilitate this, select a time when few distractions are anticipated, and when you yourself feel reasonably ready.

These exercises are also to be continued during the day, as often as possible.  The shorter applications consist of repeating the idea slowly, as you  survey either your inner or outer world.  It does not matter which you choose.

The idea for today should also be applied immediately to any situation that may distress you.  Apply the idea by telling yourself:

I have invented this situation as I see it.

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