Giving Thanks

Thank you for being one of my readers.
My heart overflows with appreciation for you,
and the path of awakening we share.

The holiday version of thanksgiving is coming up this week in the USA, and for many it is a time of loneliness, alienation, overeating, and post-Thanksgiving stupefaction.  And those are the lucky ones, because in their misery lies the opportunity to choose again.

Then there are those who have “Family First” magnets on their refrigerators.  The ones who think life is good, place their nuclear family members first, extended family second, God and country third, and who blindly accept the hierarchy of illusions along with their identity as a mere person.

And then there’s you, an ACIM student, who may have fallen into one or both of the above categories until you found yourself on a spiritual path that leads to awakening in spite of your ego self.

The Course explains that we have descended a twisted stairway that leads away from Heaven.  Thankfully, Jesus lets us know, Yet any instant it is possible to have all this undone.  How can you know whether you chose the stairs to Heaven or the way to hell?  Quite easily.  How do you feel?  Is peace in your awareness?  Are you certain which way to go?  And are you sure the goal of Heaven can be reached?  If not, you walk alone.  Ask, then, your Friend to join with you, and give you certainty of where you go. (T-23.II.22:5-13)

Let’s take a few breaths together, right now, and join minds with the Holy Spirit.  Let your breath come easily, until you feel yourself Being Breathed.  Now, open to receive the Message of Love your Friend always communicates.  Feel that?  A surge of peace, a heartbeat of certainty, and the fragrance of your Real Home.

Family gatherings are one of the ego’s favorite booby traps, but this year you come prepared–not with turkey, stuffing and ego judgments, but with your true purpose: to be a vessel for Love.  Underneath all worldly distractions, we are the same One.  This One is Love and “has” Everything.

So if you feel your buttons getting pushed during the holiday, make Thanksgiving part of your spiritual practice this year.  Turn to your Friend and ask for Peace.  Take a few breaths, feel yourself Being Breathed, and allow miracles to flow through you.

Remember, you are never alone.  The more reminders you build into your life that you are Spirit and Spirit is within you, the more you move through the world as living prayer: you are as God created you.

Let me know how it goes.  And thank you for choosing The Unlearning Classroom as one of your reminders.

Love & Blessings~

giving thanks

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