What now? … breathe, like this:

bd-breathRight now, EXHALE by pursing your lips as if you’re blowing out a birthday candle. Deflate your lungs by gently sucking your belly button inward towards your spine. Empty, empty, empty — a little more than you think you can.

Now, let your next INHALE come naturally — it is right here. Let your entire torso inflate like a balloon on your inhale.

Take three more breaths in this way. Allow your body to move naturally as you take these deep breaths — no stiffening up. Now, return to your regular breathing.

You may feel a little light-headed, relieved, energized, and … relaxed 🙂

Full breathing gives you access to your miracle working abilities.

Breathing softens you from the inside out. Your heart softens, your ability to love increases, your flow expands connecting you to Spirit, and your personal identity thins away, little by little.

You are my “peeps” and I love you. You’ve been reaching out asking me how to feel peaceful, how to cry frozen tears that just won’t come, how to stop obsessively thinking about what worries you.

You’ve also been sharing that applying Course principles has miraculously calmed you — but when I ask where in your body you experience that calm, for many there is an insight that your body is not feeling relaxed.

A Course in Miracles tells us in Chapter 8 that the Holy Spirit uses the body as a means of communication. Connecting more fully with your breath (without which your body will die in a matter of minutes) joins your mind with the Holy Spirit — which is the whole point of ACIM!

(If you’d like some personal coaching, email miracles (at) amytorresacim (dot) com — my work is really blossoming now, and I have less time available for one-to-one work, but if you are sincere and motivated, get in touch.)