What I Realize as I Blog the ACIM Workbook

I started off blogging the Workbook this year without really knowing what would happen.  Initially a tagline popped out of me effortlessly, “My experience with the ACIM Workbook” and that is what I wrote about.  My habit is to do the morning lesson, then go straight to my computer, letting the feeling of my experience of the exercise or meditation flow through my words.

Now I notice that sometimes I’m explaining the lesson, or even trying to explain or translate what Jesus says into my own words so that I understand, clarify and reinforce the teachings for myself.  Maybe this is overkill.  Maybe I should stick with my pure experience …  It’s occurring to me that this year the blog is meant to be my experience without explanation–let the lessons speak for themselves.

And NEXT YEAR I’m going to translate the lessons !  I wonder if that will actually happen.  What’s funnier is that according to ACIM metaphysics everything has already happened … I wonder if I’m having a memory of what has already happened: first I reported my experience and communicated the experience Itself as best I could.  Then I translated … it’s like the Harville Hendrix Imago work: repeat back what was said and understand more fully as you do.

My concern is that a pure report of my experience may be confusing to my readers.  That’s funny.  Who are my readers?  I am you, you are me … anyway, if you do need clarification, please feel free to shoot me a question or comment and I will be happy to respond.