Proof of Nothing: I = 1

It occurred to me this morning that “I” as in “I am” is equivalent to the number “1.” proof

The personal “I” that goes with “Amy” and “me” is not what I’m referring to.  This discussion begins with the collective “I” from which duality springs, and, according to A Course in Miracles, where the power of decision abides.

“I” is the arising of otherness without fear or guilt.  “I” is the ability to regard the God-Self in blissful reverence.  “I” is the knowing of aliveness before the body or any form seems to exist.

Non-duality means “not two.”  “I” is not-twoness.  We could say “I” equals “one.”

The number “1” means what?  Solo.  Only.  Single.  Unified.  Doing spiritual math, “I” minus “1” equals “0” … minus any number from thyin yang brush strokee same number and you get zero.  It just struck home this morning that, in English, “I” and “1” look awe-fully (not awfully) alike.

Big clue.  Super obvious.  I = 1.  One thought of separateness, believed in, equals countless forms.  One thought returned to Zero undoes that initial first thought.

One could say that 2 – 1 = 0.  Realizing that you are not-two could seem to logically mean we are One … but deeper examination reveals there is no One.  This recognition annihilates the belief in a personal self/ego.  What is left is … no self-concept, no-thing, nada, zilch, Zero (another name for God ;-)).

Kaku-an as reproduced by Shubun

Art by Kaku-an as reproduced by Shubun

“When there exists no form of dualism, even a thousand-eyed one fails to detect a loop-hole.”  ~Kakuan Shien, translated by D.T. Suzuki

Thanks to Paul Hedderman for inspiring this piece: