Miracle on a Silver Platter

283353_10150402929828858_4183955_nYesterday, I came across this essay written over a year ago, and I felt so happy reading it, I thought I would re-post.  Hopefully, it will renew your faith and bring a smile to your lips 🙂

The other day, just after I parked my car in Soho, I began my brisk walk to my office. Almost immediately, I encountered a woman with young children sitting beside a table stocked with beautiful objects. It is not unusual for people to sell wares on the street in New York City, so I assumed it was an urban garage sale. And an especially nice one at that, because Soho is filled with artists and artisans. What was unusual was that this lovely lady was saying, “Everything on this table is free! Please take something!”

I slowed down my pace and looked a little closer. Everything on the table seemed to emanate love and beauty. “Everything is free?” I asked. “Yes,” she explained. “We need to unclutter and just want to find nice homes for our stuff.” “Why don’t you sell it?” was my next question, feeling hesitant to take something so beautiful for free. “No, we just need to be free of it as soon as possible,” she said, “If you really want, you can make a donation to a local charity that we will give this money to, but there is no need.” And she tilted her head toward a jar labeled with the name of an institution worthy of donations.

Now, for those of you who don’t know, I just bought my very first house, and could really use some stuff 🙂 Plus, being a Libra, I have a soft spot for beauty in all its forms. There was a silver platter, bowl and pitcher which caught my eye. “Would it be greedy to take all three?” I asked. “No, no, no!” she exclaimed, “Please take them! You would make me so happy if you did! We just want our beloved objects to have a happy home.” “I can promise you they will have a very happy home,” I replied and she and I beamed at each other with satisfaction, her little girls smiled shyly from behind her back, and Love radiated up and down Wooster Street.

So I tossed $20 in the donation jar, and then carefully gathered the silver platter, the pitcher and the bowl in my arms. They were quite heavy and I wondered how I could carry them to my office when it occurred to me that I was still near my car! How perfect. I simply walked back to the car, stashed my booty in the trunk, and proceeded on to my office with empty arms and a full heart. I knew God promised me miracles–I should have guessed they would come on a silver platter.