Message from Jonette Crowley

I want to share Jonette Crowley and her work with you.  Although she does not teach A Course in Miracles or non-duality, her work may resonate with some of you.  Visit her website to see her offerings, including spiritual pilgrimages and soul body fusion: … here’s a message from Jonette that may lift your heart:

“Many of you have volunteered to come to Earth to transmute ancestral karma from your family tree.  You basically told the Angels: ‘The Buck Stops Here!  I shoulder this burden, I heal it by healing myself.  I proclaim that I shall meet suffering with compassion and so stop it from spreading forward!!’

In some ways we are like Jesus, intending that through our mastery of our fate, we diminish darkness and hatred, leaving this world in a better state than we found it.”

~Jonette Crowley      P.S.  You deserve a medal!