I was hungry! Aren’t you?

When I did the A Course in Miracles Workbook practice in 1998, I did it with Jesus and the Holy Spirit. No study groups. No ACIM teachers. Just willingness born of desperation because my personal life was so painful at that time.

I was HUNGRY and I placed my life, one day at a time, in the Hands of God. As I read the lessons, they felt right to me. I did not fight them. One year later, my life was transformed forever. Ever since, I have had an ongoing sense of well-being, also known as Peace of Mind.

What I’ve learned since then is that many of you fight against the Course, even though you wish you wouldn’t. Resistance prevents you from sticking with all 365 workbook lessons. Worse still, for many, you move through the lessons, but don’t have an experience that obviously removes “you” and reveals True You.

If you relate, my e-course, Workin’ the Workbook, is for you. It supports your ACIM Workbook practice in a unique way. There is no other program out there like this — one which promotes your experience so that you don’t avoid or resist and miss out on the very reason you are practicing the Workbook.

There’s a December holiday discount which ends at 12 midnight Pacific time, tomorrow. Are you hungry? Workin’ the Workbook lays a feast before you.

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Begin Jan 1st with Lesson 1 and start 2017 in the Right Hands. Nourish yourself in the only way that is truly satisfying — spiritually!