Five Keys to Forgiveness Workshop

Amy crosslegged whiteA Course in Miracles teaches us a new definition of forgiveness.  This new definition offers us an entirely different way of understanding ourselves and our relationships.  As the introduction to ACIM states, the Course offers us a forgiveness practice as a way of “removing the blocks to the awareness of Love’s Presence” which naturally leads to giving and receiving miracles.

In the Five Keys to Forgiveness workshop, Amy Torres shares tools and tales for understanding forgiveness in new ways, and ideas for applying these principles in our daily lives.  We cover:

*  Forgiveness is an undoing process, removing loneliness, fear, blame, anger, guilt and shame

*  Forgiveness contains the spiritual law that “giving is receiving” and offers us endless abundance.

*  Forgiveness is a natural outcome of the willingness to be undone by following the spiritual guidance of your Inner Teacher, the Holy Spirit.

*  Forgiveness brings inner peace, renewed faith, and lasting happiness.

*  Forgiveness instills a sense of purpose and life is truly meaningful.

*  Forgiveness changes our relationship with time, our understanding of death, and results in miracles.

*  Forgiveness teaches us not to take ourselves personally and restores our True Self.  Undoing leads to awakening.

*  And much more, because forgiveness is a giving practice that just keeps on giving and giving and giving 🙂

(These bullet points are material we cover — the five keys are revealed during the workshop itself.)

Bring a notebook and pen. Wear comfortable clothes. Be prepared to remove your shoes.
You do not have to bring your A Course in Miracles book with you for the workshop.

Click here to watch Amy’s video on  Five Keys to Forgiveness

If you would like Amy to give this workshop in your area, email miracles (at) amytorresacim (dot com)

Also, you can watch and hear Amy reading each ACIM Lesson on Youtube.  And check out Workin’ the Workbook, Amy’s online class which supports the ACIM Workbook practice.