Undoing the Ego

Gatita’s Metamorphosis Into The Lady

The Lady muted eyesIt has been about eight months since Gatita gently laid the body aside and emerged as The Lady.

Some hours after shedding her skin, I had the clear sense that Gatita was no longer a cat.  When I spoke with her in my mind she was now The Lady.  She had emerged from the confines of form.

The Lady has the elevated essence of Mary’s love, purity and kindness.  She is numinous, sublime and retains a feline inscrutability.

The Lady is another way of saying the Holy Spirit.

The Lady understood my great appreciation of Gatita’s form and we could mind-meld as She loved me and communicated ideas like,

“That was an exquisite form.  I understand your love for it.  You can love the Gatita I was and yet you don’t have to miss her.  When you drop your Amy form you will not miss that.  You will experience pure freedom.  And you can experience that pure freedom before you drop the form as well simply by shifting your attention from form to What Is.”

All grieving felt sweet; it was a confirmation of the love Gatita and I shared.  It didn’t feel like loss.

This grieving feels like a tribute to unconditional love.  It is confirming of the Formless.  It is liberating and tender.  It is strengthening of faith and courage.

Om Namah Shivaya.

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“The Lady” illustration was lovingly and beautifully drawn by Harper Wood.  If you would like to commission artwork, email harper@harperwood.com

W-80: Let me recognize my problems have been solved.

Commentary (full lesson beneath commentary)

Once the problem has been identified, something glorious happens … it is seen that there never was a real problem.  In that sense, the solution is inherent within the problem because when looked at closely, there is no problem to be found.

There was a bad dream that ended long ago, but that was a fantasy, not a real problem.

Close your eyes and receive your reward.  One problem, one solution.  Salvation is accomplished.  Peace is at hand.  Enjoy:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sSouws7cE-A


Let me recognize my problems have been solved.

If you are willing to recognize your problems, you will recognize that you have no problems.  Your one central problem has been answered, and you have no other.  Therefore, you must be at peace.  Salvation thus depends on recognizing this one problem, and understanding that it has been solved.  One problem, one solution.  Salvation is accomplished.  Freedom from conflict has been given you.  Accept that fact, and you are ready to take your rightful place in God’s plan for salvation.

Your only problem has been solved!  Repeat this over and over to yourself today, with gratitude and conviction.  You have recognized your only problem, opening the way for the Holy Spirit to give you God’s answer.  You have laid deception aside, and seen the light of truth.  You have accepted salvation for yourself by bringing the problem to the answer.  And you can recognize the answer, because the problem has been identified.

You are entitled to peace today.  A problem that has been resolved cannot trouble you.  Only be certain you do not forget that all problems are the same.  Their many forms will not deceive you while you remember this.  One problem, one solution.  Accept the peace this simple statement brings.

In our longer practice periods today, we will claim the peace that must be ours when the problem and the answer have been brought together.  The problem must be gone, because God’s answer cannot fail.  Having recognized one, you have recognized the other.  The solution is inherent in the problem.  You are answered, and have accepted the answer.  You are saved.

Now let the peace that your acceptance brings be given you.  Close your eyes, and receive your reward.  Recognize that your problems have been solved.  Recognize that you are out of conflict; free and at peace.  Above all, remember that you have one problem, and that the problem has one solution.  It is in this that the simplicity of salvation lies.  It is because of this that it is guaranteed to work.

Assure yourself often today that your problems have been solved.  Repeat the idea with deep conviction, as frequently as possible.  And be particularly sure to apply the idea for today to any specific problem that may arise.  Say quickly:

Let me recognize this problem has been solved.

Let us be determined not to collect grievances today.  Let us be determined to be free of problems that do not exist.  The means is simple honesty.  Do not deceive yourself about what the problem is, and you must recognize it has been solved.

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W-79: Let me recognize the problem so it can be solved.

Commentary (full lesson beneath commentary)

If I think the problem is my swollen feet and the doctor says that’s just a symptom of the real problem, a clogged heart artery, I can continue to fixate on my feet or I can choose to shift  my attention to the actual problem–the heart.

In the same way, if I allow the ego to distract with all its myriad problems, then I miss that all those human problems are just symptoms of the one larger problem:  the belief in separation.

Now that I recognize the actual problem it can actually be addressed.

One problem, the desire for and belief in separation.

One solution:  to stop interfering with the ever-present Truth.


Let me recognize the problem so it can be solved.

A problem cannot be solved if you do not know what it is.  Even if it is really solved already you will still have the problem, because you will not recognize that it has been solved.  This is the situation of the world.  The problem of separation, which is really the only problem, has already been solved.  Yet the solution is not recognized because the problem is not recognized.

Everyone in this world seems to have his own special problems.  Yet they are all the same, and must be recognized as one if the one solution that solves them all is to be accepted.  Who can see that a problem has been solved if he thinks the problem is something else?  Even if he is given the answer, he cannot see its relevance.

That is the position in which you find yourself now.  You have the answer, but you are still uncertain about what the problem is.  A long series of different problems seems to confront you, and as one is settled the next one and the next arise.  There seems to be no end to them.  There is no time in which you feel completely free of problems and at peace.

The temptation to regard problems as many is the temptation to keep the problem of separation unsolved.  The world seems to present you with a vast number of problems, each requiring a different answer.  This perception places you in a position in which your problem solving must be inadequate, and failure is inevitable.

No one could solve all the problems the world appears to hold.  They seem to be on so many levels, in such varying forms and with such varied content, that they confront you with an impossible situation.  Dismay and depression are inevitable as you regard them.  Some spring up unexpectedly, just as you think you have resolved previous ones.  Others remain unsolved under a cloud of denial, and rise to haunt you from time to time, only to be hidden again but still unsolved.

All this complexity is but a desperate attempt not to recognize the problem, and therefore not to let it be resolved.  If you could recognize that your only problem is separation, no matter what form it takes, you could accept the answer because you would see its relevance.  Perceiving the underlying constancy in all the problems that seem to confront you, you would understand that you have the means to solve them all.  And you would use the means, because you recognize the problem.

In our longer practice periods today we will ask what the problem is, and what is the answer to it.  We will not assume that we already know.  We will try to free our minds of all the many different kinds of problems we think we have.  We will try to realize that we have only one problem, which we have failed to recognize.  We will ask what it is, and wait for the answer.  We will be told.  Then we will ask for the solution to it.  And we will be told.

The exercises for today will be successful to the extent to which you do not insist on defining the problem.  Perhaps you will not succeed in letting all your preconceived notions go, but that is not necessary.  All that is necessary is to entertain some doubt about the reality of your version of what your problems are.  You are trying to recognize that you have been given the answer by recognizing the problem, so that the problem and the answer can be brought together and you can be at peace.

The shorter practice periods for today will not be set by time, but by need.  You will see many problems today, each one calling for an answer.  Our efforts will be directed toward recognizing that there is only one problem and one answer.  In this recognition are all problems resolved.  In this recognition there is peace.

Be not deceived by the form of problems today.  Whenever any difficulty seems to rise, tell yourself quickly:

Let me recognize this problem so it can be solved.

Then try to suspend all judgment about what the problem is.  If possible, close your eyes for a moment and ask what it is.  You will be heard and you will be answered.

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W-78: Let miracles replace all grievances.

Commentary (full lesson beneath commentary)

Do not allow sight to stop before it sees.  A thumb in front of the sun appears to obscure it, but can that be true?

A smoky grey cross in front of a milky-white glow enters my mind as I see grievances blocking the holy light in which God’s Son stands.  The shining light of salvation imperceptibly expands and my attention is drawn to It.

The light is the truth, and the dark shield of hate is a harmless lie, a mere fib that has distracted me far too long.  Attention can easily be moved to the Unmoveable.  Once you get the hang of it, distractions are seen for what they are and only Love is witnessed.


Let miracles replace all grievances.

Perhaps it is not yet quite clear to you that each decision that you make is one between a grievance and a miracle.  Each grievance stands like a dark shield of hate before the miracle it would conceal.  And as you raise it up before your eyes, you will not see the miracle beyond.  Yet all the while it waits for you in light, but you behold your grievances instead.

Today we go beyond the grievances, to look upon the miracle instead.  We will reverse the way you see by not allowing sight to stop before it sees.  We will not wait before the shield of hate, but lay it down and gently lift our eyes in silence to behold the Son of God.

He waits for you behind your grievances, and as you lay them down he will appear in shining light where each one stood before.  For every grievance is a block to sight, and as it lifts you see the Son of God where he has always been.  He stands in light, but you were in the dark.  Each grievance made the darkness deeper, and you could not see.

Today we will attempt to see God’s Son.  We will not let ourselves be blind to him; we will not look upon our grievances.  So is the seeing of the world reversed, as we look out toward truth, away from fear.  We will select one person you have used as target for your grievances, and lay the grievances aside and look at him.  Someone, perhaps, you fear and even hate; someone you think you love who angered you; someone you call a friend, but whom you see as difficult at times or hard to please, demanding, irritating or untrue to the ideal he should accept as his, according to the role you set for him.

You know the one to choose; his name has crossed your mind already.  He will be the one of whom we ask God’s Son be shown to you.  Through seeing him behind the grievances that you have held against him, you will learn that what lay hidden while you saw him not is there in everyone, and can be seen.  He who was enemy is more than friend when he is freed to take the holy role the Holy  Spirit has assigned to him.  Let him be savior unto you today.  Such is his role in God your Father’s plan.

Our longer practice periods today will see him in this role.  You will attempt to hold him in your mind, first as you now consider him.  You will review his faults, the difficulties you have had with him, the pain he caused you, his neglect, and all the little and larger hurts he gave.  You will regard his body with its flaws and better points as well, and you will think of his mistakes and even of his “sins.”

Then let us ask of Him Who knows this Son of God in his reality and truth, that we may look on him a different way, and see our savior shining in the light of true forgiveness, given unto us.  We ask Him in the holy Name of God and of His Son, as holy as Himself:

Let me behold my savior in this one You have appointed as the one for me to ask to lead me to the holy light in which he stands, that I may join with him.

The body’s eyes are closed,  and as you think of him who grieved you, let your mind be shown the light in him beyond your grievances.

What you have asked for cannot be denied.  Your savior has been waiting long for this.  He would be free, and make his freedom yours.  The Holy Spirit leans from him to you, seeing no separation in God’s Son.  And what you see through Him will free you both.  Be very quiet now, and look upon your shining savior.  No dark grievances obscure the sight of him.  You have allowed the Holy Spirit to express through him the role God gave Him that you might be saved.

God thanks you for these quiet times today in which you laid your images aside, and looked upon the miracle of love the Holy Spirit showed you in their place.  The world and Heaven join in thanking you, for not one Thought of God but must rejoice as you are saved, and all the world with you.

We will remember this throughout the day, and take the role assigned to us as part of God’s salvation plan, and not our own.  Temptation falls away when we allow each one we meet to save us, and refuse to hide his light behind our grievances.  To everyone you meet, and to the ones you think of or remember from the past, allow the role of savior to be given, that you may share it with him.  For you both, and all the sightless ones as well, we pray:

Let miracles replace all grievances.

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W-77: I am entitled to miracles.

Commentary (full lesson beneath commentary)

Miracles glow, golden and sweet, directly from the Master’s Feet.  Close your eyes, connect inside.  The laws of God demand You rise.


I am entitled to miracles.

You are entitled to miracles because of what you are.  You will receive miracles because of what God is.  And you will offer miracles because you are one with God.  Again, how simple is salvation!  It is merely a statement of your true Identity.  It is this that we will celebrate today.

Your claim to miracles does not lie in your illusions about yourself.  It does not depend on any magical powers you have ascribed to yourself, nor any of the rituals you have devised.  It is inherent in the truth of what you are.  It is implicit in what God your Father is.  It was ensured in your creation, and guaranteed by the laws of God.

Today we will claim the miracles which are your right, since they belong to you.  You have been promised full release from the world you made.  You have been assured that the Kingdom of God is within you, and can never be lost.  We ask no more than what belongs to us in truth.  Today, however, we will also make sure that we will not content ourselves with less.

Begin the longer practice periods by telling yourself quite confidently that you are entitled to miracles.  Closing your eyes, remind yourself that you are asking only for what is rightfully yours.  Remind yourself also that miracles are never taken from one and given to another, and that in asking for your rights, you are upholding the rights of everyone.  Miracles do not obey the laws of this world.  They merely follow from the laws of God.

After this brief introductory phase, wait quietly for the assurance that your request has been granted.  You have asked for the salvation of the world, and for your own.  You have requested that you be given the means by which this is accomplished.  You cannot fail to be assured in this.  You are but asking that the Will of God be done.

In doing this, you do not really ask for anything.  You state a fact that cannot be denied.  The Holy Spirit cannot but assure you that your request is granted.  The fact that you accepted must be so.  There is no room for doubt and uncertainty today.  We are asking a real question at last.  The answer is a simple statement of a simple fact.  You will receive the assurance you seek.  Our shorter practice periods will be frequent, and will also be devoted to a reminder of a simple fact.  Tell yourself often today:

I am entitled to miracles.

Ask for them whenever a situation arises in which they are called for.  You will recognize these situations.  And since you are not relying on yourself to find the miracle, you are fully entitled to receive it whenever you ask.

Remember, too, not to be satisfied with less than the perfect answer.  Be quick to tell yourself, should you be tempted:

I will not trade miracles for grievances.  I want only what belongs to me,  God has established miracles as my right.

Listen to You Are Entitled to Miracles.  Let’s practice together!  Watch and hear Amy reading each ACIM Lesson on Youtube.  Also, check out Workin’ the Workbook, Amy’s online class which supports the ACIM Workbook practice.


W-76: I am under no laws but God’s.

Commentary (full lesson beneath commentary)

Ego magic has no meaning.  There are no laws except the laws of God.  Open-minded reception of the Idea that there are no laws but God’s returns the mind to Stillpoint.  The “I am” that is under no laws but God’s is the One Self, not the individual personal self.  Lesson 76 is so radical, so logical, so comforting, so liberating, so true.  Try it for yourself.



I am under no laws but God’s.

We have observed before how many senseless things have seemed to you to be salvation.  Each has imprisoned you with laws as senseless as itself.  You are not bound by them.  Yet to understand that this is so, you must first realize salvation lies not there.  While you would seek for it in things that have no meaning, you bind yourself to laws that make no sense.  Thus do you seek to prove salvation is where it is not.

Today we will be glad you cannot prove it.  For if you could, you would forever seek salvation where it is not, and never find it.  The idea for today tells you once again how simple is salvation.  Look for it where it waits for you, and there it will be found.  Look nowhere else, for it is nowhere else.

Think of the freedom in the recognition that you are not bound by all the strange and twisted laws you have set up to save you.  You really think that you would starve unless you have stacks of green paper strips and piles of metal discs.  You really think a small round pellet or some fluid pushed into your veins through a sharpened needle will ward off disease and death.  You really think you are alone unless another body is with you.

It is insanity that thinks these things.  You call them laws, and put them under different names in a long catalogue of rituals that have no use and serve no purpose.  You think you must obey the “laws” of medicine, of economics, and of health.  Protect the body, and you will be saved.

These are not laws, but madness.  The body is endangered by the mind that hurts itself.  The body suffers just in order that the mind will fail to see it is the victim of itself.  The body’s suffering is a mask the mind holds up to hide what really suffers.  It would not understand it is its own enemy; that it  attacks itself and wants to die.  It is from this your “laws” would save the body.  It is for this you think you are a body.

There are no laws except the laws of God.  This needs repeating, over and over, until you realize it applies to everything that you have made in opposition to God’s Will.  Your magic has no meaning.  What it is meant to save does not exist.  Only what it is meant to hide will save you.

The laws of God can never be replaced.  We will devote today to rejoicing that this is so.  It is no longer a truth that we would hide. We realize instead it is a truth that keeps us free forever.  Magic imprisons, but the laws of God make free.  The light has come because there are no laws but His.

We will begin the longer practice periods today with a short review of the different kinds of “laws” we have believed we must obey.  These would include, for example, the “laws” of nutrition, of immunization, of medication, and of the body’s protection in innumerable ways.  Think further; you believe in the “laws” of friendship, of “good” relationships and reciprocity.  Perhaps you even think that there are laws which set forth what is God’s and what is yours.  Many “religions” have been based on this.  They would not save but damn in Heaven’s name.  Yet they are no more strange than other “laws” you hold must be obeyed to make you safe.

There are no laws but God’s.  Dismiss all foolish magical beliefs today, and hold your mind in silent readiness to hear the Voice that speaks the truth to you.  You will be listening to One Who says there is no loss under the laws of God.  Payment is neither given nor received.  Exchange cannot be made; there are no substitutes; and nothing is replaced by something else.  God’s laws forever give and never take.

Hear Him Who tells you this, and realize how foolish are the “laws” you thought upheld the world you thought you saw.  Then listen further.  He will tell you more.  About the Love your Father has for you.  About the endless joy He offers you.  About His yearning for His only Son, created as His channel for creation; denied to Him by his belief in hell.

Let us today open God’s channels to Him, and let His Will extend through us to Him.  Thus is creation endlessly increased.  His Voice will speak of this to us, as well as of the joys of Heaven which His laws keep limitless forever.  We will repeat today’s idea until we have listened and understood there are no laws but God’s.  Then we will tell ourselves, as a dedication with which the practice period concludes:

I am under no laws but God’s.

We will repeat this dedication as often as possible today; at least four or five times an hour, as well as in response to any temptation to experience ourselves as subject to other laws throughout the day.  It is our statement of freedom from all danger and all tyranny.  It is our acknowledgment that God is our Father, and that His Son is saved.

You may enjoy God Goes With You.  Let’s practice together!  Watch and hear Amy reading each ACIM Lesson on Youtube.  Also, check out Workin’ the Workbook, Amy’s online class which supports the ACIM Workbook practice.


W-75: The light has come.

Commentary (full lesson beneath commentary)

Even happy expectations are no longer necessary.  Waiting is unnecessary.  Within time, happy expectations and waiting constitute hope; at a certain point in the forgiveness/undoing process hope can be useful as a bridge to faith.

Faith unfolds into conviction.  Conviction into certainty of purpose.  Purpose into Being.  No human left to undo.  Home.



The light has come.

The light has come.  You are healed and you can heal.  The light has come.  You are saved and you can save.  You are at peace, and you bring peace with you wherever you go.  Darkness and turmoil and death have disappeared.  The light has come.

Today we celebrate the happy ending to your long dream of disaster.  There are no dark dreams now.  The light has come.  Today the time of light begins for you and everyone.  It is a new year, in which a new world is born.  The old one has left no trace upon it in its passing.  Today we see a different world, because the light has come.

Our expectations for today will be happy ones, in which we offer thanks for the passing of the old and the beginning of the new.  No shadows from the past remain to darken our sight and hide the world forgiveness offers us.  Today we will accept the new world as what we want to see.  We will be given what we desire.  We will to see the light; the light has come.

Our longer practice periods will be devoted to looking at the world that our forgiveness shows us.  This is what we want to see, and only this.  Our single purpose makes our goal inevitable.  Today the real world rises before us in gladness, to be seem at last.  Sight is given us, now that the light has come.

We do not want to see the ego’s shadow on the world today.  We see the light, and in it we see Heaven’s reflection life across the world.  Begin the longer practice periods by telling yourself the glad tidings of your release:

The light has come.  I have forgiven the world.

Dwell not upon the past today.  Keep a completely open mind, washed of all past ideas and clean of every concept you have made.  You have forgiven the world today.  You can look upon it now as if you never saw it before.  You do not know yet what it looks like.  You merely wait to have it shown to you.  While you wait, repeat several times, slowly and in complete patience:

The light has come.  I have forgiven the world.

Realize that your forgiveness entitles you to vision.  Understand that the Holy Spirit never fails to give the gift of sight to the forgiving.  Believe He will not fail you now.  You have forgiven the world.  he will be with you as you watch and wait.  He will show you what true vision sees.  It is His Will, and you have joined with Him.  Wait patiently for Him.  He will be there.  The light has come.  You have forgiven the world.

Tell Him you know you cannot fail because you trust in Him.  And tell yourself you wait in certainty to look upon the world He promised you.  From this time forth you will see differently.  Today the light has come.  And you will see the world that has been promised you since time began, and in which is the end of time ensured.

The shorter practice periods, too, will be joyful reminders of your release.  Remind yourself every quarter of a hour or so that today is a time for special celebration.  Give thanks for mercy and the Love of God.  Rejoice in the power of forgiveness to heal your sight completely.  Be confident that on this day there is a new beginning.  Without the darkness of the past upon your eyes, you cannot fail to see today.  And what you see will be so welcome that you will gladly extend today forever.

Say, then:

The light has come.  I have forgiven the world.

Should you be tempted, say to anyone who seems to pull you back into darkness:

The light has come.  I have forgiven you.

We dedicate this day to the serenity in which God would have you be.  Keep it in your awareness of yourself and see it everywhere today, as we celebrate the beginning of your vision and the sight of the real world, which has come to replace the unforgiven world you thought was real.

You may enjoy You Are the Light of the World.  Let’s practice together!  Watch and hear Amy reading each ACIM Lesson on Youtube.  Also, check out Workin’ the Workbook, Amy’s online class which supports the ACIM Workbook practice.


W-74: There is no will but God’s.

Commentary (full lesson beneath commentary)

Conceding that there is no will but God’s is claiming all that I am.  I am the Soft Golden Expansion naturally extending.  I am That which is beyond the body, beyond the breath, beyond the silly idea of death.

It is very peaceful being in communication with my Source.  In fact, there is no “my,” just Source, and it is this which is peacefulness Itself.

The power of decision is my own.  I am co-Creator with God, unless I choose to deceive myself and believe otherwise.  The little will is the umbilical cord to the Source Will.  Once the blocking is recognized as deliberate and ridiculous, the Truth of undying connection is obvious.


There is no will but God’s.

The idea for today can be regarded as the central thought toward which all our exercises are directed.  God’s is the only Will.  When you have recognized this, you have recognized that your will is His.  The belief that conflict is possible has gone.  Peace has replaced the strange idea that you are torn by conflicting goals.  As an expression of the Will of God, you have no goal but His.

There is great peace in today’s idea, and the exercises for today are directed towards finding it.  The idea itself is wholly true.  Therefore it cannot give rise to illusions.  Without illusions conflict is impossible.  Let us try to recognize this today, and experience the peace this recognition brings.

Begin the longer practice periods by repeating these thoughts several times, slowly and with firm determination to understand what they mean, and to hold them in mind:

There is no will but God’s.
I cannot be in conflict.

Then spend several minutes in adding some related thoughts, such as:

I am at peace.
Nothing can disturb me.  My will is God’s.
My will and God’s are one.
God wills peace for His Son.

During this introductory phase, be sure to deal quickly with any conflict thoughts that may cross your mind.  Tell yourself immediately:

There is no will but God’s.  These conflict thoughts are meaningless.

If there is one conflict area that seems particularly difficult to resolve, single it out for special consideration.  Think about it briefly but very specifically, identify the particular person or persons and the situation or situations involved, and tell yourself:

There is no will but God’s.  I share it will Him.
My conflicts about _______ cannot be real.

After you have cleared your mind in this way, close your eyes and try to experience the peace to which your reality entitles you.  Sink into it and feel it closing around you.  There may be some temptation to mistake these attempts for withdrawal, but the difference is easily detected.  If you are succeeding, you will feel a deep sense of joy and an increased alertness, rather than a feeling of drowsiness and enervation.

Joy characterizes peace.  By this experience will you recognize that you have reached it.  If you feel yourself slipping off into withdrawal, quickly repeat the idea for today and try again.  Do this as often as necessary.  There is definite gain in refusing to allow retreat into withdrawal, even if you do not experience the peace you seek.

In the shorter periods, which should be undertaken at regular and predetermined intervals today, say to yourself:

There is no will but God’s.  I see His peace today.

Then try to find what you are seeking.  A minute or two every half an hour, with eyes closed if possible, would be well spent on this today.

Let’s practice together!  Watch and hear Amy reading each ACIM Lesson on Youtube.  Also, check out Workin’ the Workbook, Amy’s online class which supports the ACIM Workbook practice.


W-73: I will there be light.

Commentary (full lesson beneath commentary)

The light that shines upon this world reflects my will.  If the light trail of my will is followed the discovery of True Self must lie within it.  Following this trail undoes time and the world.

Willingly said: I will there be light.  Let me behold the light that reflects God’s Will and mine.  It is not an outside light as from the sun.  This is True Light, Inner Illumination.  And this “inner” is not inside the body.  The idea of the body is inside this Illuminated Truth within which all falsehood withers away to nothing leaving behind no residue.  All that remains Is …



I will there be light.

Today we are considering the will you share with God.  This is not the same as the ego’s idle wishes, out of which darkness and nothingness arise.  The will you share with God has all the power of creation in it.  The ego’s idle wishes are unshared, and therefore have no power at all.  Its wishes are not idle in the sense that they can make a world of illusions in which your belief can be very strong.  But they are idle indeed in terms of creation.  They make nothing that is real.

Idle wishes and grievances are partners or co-makers in picturing the world you see.  The wishes of the ego gave rise to it, and the ego’s need for grievances, which are necessary to maintain it, peoples it with figures that seem to attack you and call for “righteous” judgment.  These figures become the middlemen the ego employs to traffic in grievances.  They stand between your awareness and your brothers’ reality.  Beholding them, you do not know your brothers or your Self.

Your will is lost to  you in this strange bartering, in which guilt is traded back and forth, and grievances increase with each exchange.  Can such a world have been created by the Will the Son of God shares with his Father?  Did God create disaster for His Son?  Creation is the Will of Both together.  Would God create a world that kills Himself?

Today we will try once more to reach the world that is in accordance with your will.  The light is in it because it does not oppose the Will of God.  It is not Heaven, but the light of Heaven shines on it.  Darkness has vanished.  The ego’s idle wishes have been withdrawn.  Yet the light that shines upon this world reflects your will, and so it must be in you that we will look for it.

Your picture of the world can only mirror what is within.  The source of neither light nor darkness can be found without.  Grievances darken your mind, and you look out on a darkened world.  Forgiveness lifts the darkness, reasserts your will, and lets you look upon a world of light.  We have repeatedly emphasized that the barrier of grievances is easily passed, and cannot stand between you and your salvation.  The reason is very simple.   Do you really want to be in hell?  Do you really want to weep and suffer and die?

Forget the ego’s arguments which seek to prove all this is really Heaven.  You know it is not so.  You cannot want this for yourself.  There is a point beyond which illusions cannot go.  Suffering is not happiness, and it is happiness you really want.  Such is your will in truth.  And so salvation is your will as well.  You want to succeed in what we are trying to do today.  We undertake it with your blessing and your glad accord.

We will succeed today if you remember that you want salvation for yourself.  You want to accept God’s plan because you share in it.  You have no will that can really oppose it, and you do not want to do so.  Salvation is for you.  Above all else, you want the freedom to remember Who you really are.  Today it is the ego that stands powerless before your will.  Your will is free, and nothing can prevail against it.

Therefore, we undertake the exercises for today in happy confidence, certain that we will find what it is your will to find, and remember what it is your will to remember.  No idle wishes can detain us, nor deceive us with an illusion of strength.  Today let your will be done, and end forever the insane belief that it is Hell in place of Heaven that you choose.

We will begin our longer practice periods with the recognition that God’s plan for salvation, and only His, is wholly in accord with your will.  It is not the purpose of an alien power, thrust upon you unwillingly.  It is the one purpose here on which you and your Father are in perfect accord.  You will succeed today, the time appointed for the release of the Son of God from hell and from all idle wishes.  His will is now restored to his awareness.  He is willing this very day to look upon the light in him and be saved.

After reminding yourself of this, and determining to keep your will clearly in mind, tell yourself with gentle firmness and quiet certainty:

I will there be light.  Let me behold the light that reflects God’s Will and mine.

Then let your will assert itself, joined with the power of God and united with your Self.  Put the rest of the practice period under Their guidance.  Join with Them as They lead the way.

In the shorter practice periods, again make a declaration of what you really want.  Say:

I will there be light.  Darkness is not my will.

This should be repeated several times an hour.  It is most important, however, to apply today’s idea in this form immediately you are tempted to hold a grievance of any kind.  This will help you let your grievances go, instead of cherishing them and hiding them in darkness.

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W-72: Holding grievances is an attack on God’s plan for salvation.

Commentary (full lesson beneath commentary)

From 2011:  What is salvation, Father?  I do not know.  Tell me, that I may understand. I lay down to do my long practice period.  I always seem to concentrate best laying on my back in savasana (corpse pose).  I quiet down and sincerely ask, “What is salvation, Father? I do not know.  Tell me, that I may understand.”  I am willing to become aware that God’s plan for salvation has already been accomplished in us and to receive that knowledge into my awareness.  My thoughts wander.  I draw them back and ask again.  My thoughts stray.  I gently draw them back again.  I become quieter.  More peaceful.

The cat enters the room, walks all over me, then settles and sits near my root chakra.  I’ve heard it said that pets disrupt meditation, but I find her presence grounding, calming and helpful.  My body is less apparent to me, and God’s Light glows gently in my mind, first as the purple spiritual eye … then as the softest golden aura … I stay there awhile in perfect peace and happiness.

Now:  The ego “me” will never know what salvation is, because it does not want to know.  Salvation is only necessary because the ego does not want to know.  Salvation only reveals what already is.  When unimpeded, Quiet Joy is Known.



Holding grievances is an attack on God’s plan for salvation.

While we have recognized that the ego’s plan for salvation is the opposite of God’s, we have not yet emphasized that it is an active attack on His plan, and a deliberate attempt to destroy it.  In the attack, God is assigned the attributes which are actually associated with the ego, while the ego appears to take on the attributes of God.

The ego’s fundamental wish is to replace God.  In fact, the ego is the physical embodiment of that wish.  For it is that wish that seems to surround the mind with a body, keeping it separate and alone, and unable to reach other minds except through the body that was made to imprison it.  The limit on communication cannot be the best means to expand communication.  Yet the ego would have you believe that it is.

Although the attempt to keep the limitations that a body would impose is obvious here, it is perhaps not so apparent why holding grievances is an attack on God’s plan for salvation.  But let us consider the kinds of things you are apt to hold grievances for.  Are they not always associated with something the body does?  A person says something you do not like.  He does something that displeases you.  He “betrays” his hostile thoughts in his behavior.

You are not dealing here with what the person is.  On the contrary, you are exclusively concerned with what he does in a body.  You are doing more  than failing to help in freeing him from the body’s limitations.  You are actively trying to hold him to it by confusing it with him, and judging them as one.  Herein is God attacked, for if His Son is only a body, so must He be as well.  A creator wholly unlike his creation is inconceivable.

If God is a body, what must His plan for salvation be?  What could it be but death?  In trying to present Himself as the Author of life and not of death, He is a liar and a deceiver, full of false promises and offering illusions in place of truth.  The body’s apparent reality makes this view of God quite convincing.  In fact, if the body were real, it would be difficult indeed to escape this conclusion.  And every grievance that you hold insists that the body is real.  It overlooks entirely what your brother is.  It reinforces your belief that he is a body, and condemns him for it.  And is asserts that his salvation must be death, projecting this attack onto God, and holding Him responsible for it.

To this carefully prepared arena, where angry animals seek for prey and mercy cannot enter, the ego comes to save you.  God made you a body.  Very well.  Let us accept this and be glad.  As a body, do not let yourself be deprived of what the body offers.  Take the little you can get.  God gave you nothing.  The body is your only savior.  It is the death of God and your salvation.

This is the universal belief of the world you see.  Some hate the body, and try to hurt and humiliate it.  Others love the body, and try to glorify and exalt it.  But while the body stands at the center of your concept of yourself, you are attacking God’s plan for salvation, and holding your grievances against Him and His creation, that you may not hear the Voice of truth and welcome It as Friend.  Your chosen savior takes His place instead.  It is your friend; He is your enemy.

We will try today to stop these senseless attacks on salvation.  We will try to welcome it instead.  Your upside-down perception has been ruinous to your peace of mind.  You have seen yourself in a body and the truth outside you, locked away from your awareness by the body’s limitations.  Now we are going to try to see this differently.

The light of truth is in us, where it was placed by God.  It is the body that is outside us, and is not our concern.  To be without a body is to be in our natural state.  To recognize the light of truth in us is to recognize ourselves as we are.  To see our Self as separate from the body is to end the attack on God’s plan for salvation, and to accept it instead.  And wherever His plan is accepted, it is accomplished already.

Our goal in the longer practice periods today is to become aware that God’s plan for salvation has already been accomplished in us.  To achieve this goal, we must replace attack with acceptance.  As long as we attack it, we cannot understand what God’s plan for us is.  We are therefore attacking what we do not recognize.  Now we are going to try to lay judgment aside, and ask what God’s plan for us is:

What is salvation, Father?  I do not know.  Tell me, that I may understand.

Then we will wait in quiet for His answer.  We have attacked God’s plan for salvation without waiting to hear what it is.  We have shouted our grievances so loudly that we have not listened to His Voice.  We have used our grievances to close our eyes and stop our ears.

Now we would see and hear and learn.  “What is salvation, Father?”   Ask and you will be answered.  Seek and you will find.  We are no longer asking the ego what salvation is and where to find it.  We are asking it of truth.  Be certain, then, that the answer will be true because of Whom you ask.

Whenever you feel your confidence wane and your hope of success flicker and go out, repeat your question and your request, remembering that you are asking of the Infinite Creator of infinity, Who created you like Himself:

What is salvation, Father?  I do not know.  Tell me, that I may understand.

He will answer.  Be determined to hear.

One or perhaps two shorter practice periods an hour will be enough for today, since they will be somewhat longer than usual.  These exercises should begin with this:

Holding grievances is an attack on God’s plan for salvation.  Let me accept it instead.  What is salvation, Father?

Then wait a minute or so in silence, preferably with your eyes closed, and listen for His answer.

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