Aftermath of Cleveland ACIM Conference 2012

Walter Davis and Rev Tony Senf did a tremendous job with the “Who Are You Really?” conference.  Love was overflowing from start to finish.  If you were there, you know what I mean.  If you were not, I’d like to wash some Love over you right now with a little description.  My fellow Course teachers were so sincere and so much fun!  What a pleasure to hang out with people who walk the walk.  And the students and volunteers were so engaged, warm, friendly, sweet, inquiring, and good-looking!  I love good-looking people, wink.  Plus, it’s always a treat to have Facebook friends show up in person and morph from cyber-friends into friends!  Thank you, everyOne–it was a joy being with You.  Oh, and one more thing–several people have asked for a copy of the slide show I presented.  I’m working on making a YouTube video so it will be available for all.