A Place with No Name …

Many years ago, when I was a copywriter at an advertising agency, I wrote an ad for a print campaign for Crown Royal.  I don’t even remember what kind of alcohol Crown Royal is … something for fancy occasions, I think.  I couldn’t have been more unsuited to do this work, ha ha.  I didn’t drink and was uninterested in sales.  I had been an English major in college and thought copywriting might be a career path for me.

What I actually received was an education in human nature (which led me to psychology, which eventually led me to the spiritual psychology of A Course in Miracles).  All that said, I want to share a poem which came through me as the first ad of that ad campaign over 20 years ago:

A place with no name
Where time stands still
No questions asked

I was quite amazed when that inspirational haiku flowed through me!  More amazed when my creative department accepted it.  Astonished when the client bought it.  The ads were shot on beautiful balconies in Toronto and New Orleans … the color scheme was purple and gold … and the copy was supposed to evoke a mood … Some uplifting mood all right–Spirit smoothly infiltrated the worlds of alcohol and advertising!  Run that on the next episode of Mad Men.